The most critical factor of our success is our personnel. Well equipped with professional competence, activity, and creativity, complete convergence of the professional and ethical qualities, an ability to catch opportunities...

With our certified public auditors (CPAs) who had worked in the field of the accounting and auditing since the very first days of this industry in Vietnam, UHY ACA HAI PHONG provides a wide variety of traditional accounting services to our clients...

As tax issues are seen by us as the focal point of all public concerns, UHY ACA HAI PHONG provide tax advice as top priority to meet clients' need for their desired effectiveness...

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- UHY ACA AUDITING AND COUNSULTING COMPANY LIMITED was established base on the merge from Kreston ACA Vietnam Auditing Company Limited and UHY Audting and Consulting Company Limited, so that, Kreston ACA Vietnam Auditing Company Limited - Hai Phong Branch was changed to UHY ACA AUDITING AND COUNSULTING COMPANY LIMITED - HAI PHONG BRANCH (UHY ACA HAI PHONG).

- UHY ACA HAI PHONG render diversified services to business in many fields. That services based on wide and deep knowledge in profession, field and Vietnamese legal regulations.

- UHY ACA HAI PHONGs staffs and experts are all university graduates and many have worked previously in field of auditing and accounting, finance, tax, information technology, enterprise management and training... UHY ACA HAI PHONG is an auditing and consulting company with high qualitative and effective services in Hai phong and neighbouring provinces.

- UHY ACA HAI PHONG’s advice is highly appreciated for its usefulness and applicability in strengthening tax and accounting financial management, improving accounting work and enhancing internal control system, expenses control and saving production cost.


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